Suite (hotel)

A suite (queen suite = " sequence, sequence " ) or suite of rooms is a sequence of spaces similar function and higher standards of equipment, the interconnected or separated only by doors, which together form a self-contained unit of usage.


The term comes from the architecture of the French Baroque, as in the increasingly larger castles suites for individual user groups, functions or families were created. They were often executed in the form of an enfilade.

The term was adopted ( similar to the name of the entire industry ) from the hotel and a little later blooming most common today only in this context.


In the hotel industry is referred to as a suite, a sequence of at least two living rooms to bedrooms, living rooms or work purposes, together with at least one full bathroom with a common toilet, enclosed stand unit. Particularly large or consuming equipped suites are like presidents or designated as Executive Suite prince suites and often bear fanciful names.

Suites may include, in addition living and sleeping rooms, a kitchen, offices, meeting rooms, additional bathrooms, a sauna, a hall or rooms for its own service personnel. In North America, you will find suites with fully equipped kitchen in apartment hotels.


Spatial units that are different from the control layout of a hotel room significantly up or lifted out by other means, but without meeting the definition of a full suite are referred to in the hospitality industry in general as junior suites. Hotels that offer all-suite, hot all-suite hotels. Even in transitional forms of the hotel industry to the housing market, such as boarding houses, apartment hotels or residential homes provide suites usually represents the most demanding Offer Category of the house