Sukumar Ray (Film)

  • Soumitra Chatterjee: spokesman
  • Utpal Dutta
  • Santosh Dutta
  • Taping Chatterjee
  • Chiranjib
  • Bimal Deb
  • Nirmal Ghosh

Sukumar Ray is a short documentary by Satyajit Ray from 1987. It was created to commemorate the 100th birthday of Sukumar Ray.


The film begins with a series of shots of cartoons Sukumar Ray and the comment: There are few Bengalis who do not know these figures. Three re-enacted dialogues from Sukumar works Jhalapala, his Ramayana satire and his inspired by Alice in Wonderland composition Ha -Ja -Ba- Ra -La are the focus of the film.


Ray's documentary about his father was born in mid-1987 on behalf of the Government of West Bengal and was aired on 30 November of the year, Sukumar's 100th birthday in Kolkataer television. Since Sukumar Ray died in 1923, there was no film footage of him and Satyajit Ray had to rely solely on family photos, illustrations and writings of his father.