Sulayman ibn al-Hakam

Sulaiman al - Mustain (Arabic سليمان المستعين, DMG Sulaimān al - Musta ʿ īn; ? -1016 ) Was from 1009 to 1010 and from 1013 to 1016 Caliph of Córdoba.

Sulaiman was a great-grandson of Abd al-Rahman III. 1009 used by the Berber troops as Caliph of Córdoba after this Muhammad II al -Mahdi had overthrown (see: Caliphate of Córdoba). Since Muhammad II fled to Toledo, Sulaiman tried to conquer the city, but failed. Although the Berber troops in Córdoba could assert against the troops of Muhammad II and allied with him Catalans, but the battle was lost prematurely, so that Cordoba was again, this time, plundered by the Catalans Sulaiman.

After he had retired to Algeciras, 1013 Sulaiman came after the re- conquest of Córdoba by the Berber and after deduction from Hisham to 1016 back to the caliph 's throne. A consolidation of his rule failed. Thus constituted, inter alia, the Zirids of Granada an independent dynasty that represented their own interests in the Muslim power struggles. Sulaiman 1016 fell by treachery into the hands of Hammudiden and was executed. Thus the title of caliph went from the Umayyads to the Hammudiden under Ali ibn al - Nasir Hammud (1016-1018) on.