Sulfur monoxide

Sulfur (II ) oxide

Colorless gas


1.55 (2 ) D ( 5.2 x 10-30 C · m)

6.3 kJ / mol

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Sulfur oxide is an inorganic chemical compound from the group of the sulfur oxides.

Production and representation

Sulfur oxide can be produced in an electrical discharge from the reaction of sulfur with sulfur dioxide.

Also possible is the representation by burning sulfur in pure oxygen at reduced pressure.


Sulfur monoxide is a colorless unstable gas. It is stable only at low pressures (<1 mbar). At higher pressures or during condensation with liquid air arise orange-red to cherry red plastic products that are disproportionate to yellow when heated under Polyschwefeloxiden sulfur dioxide elimination.

Sulfur monoxide is a highly reactive molecule that exists as oxygen in a triplet ground state.