Sulitjelma ( Swedish: Sulitelma, popularly often Sulis ) is a village in the municipality of Fauske in Norway Fylke Nordland. The former mining village between Fauske in the west and the Swedish Sulitelma - Fell in the east. Prior to the closure of the resident mining operations in 1991 pyrites and copper were mined. The removal of mining products was performed with the Sulitjelmabane.

East of the mountain of the same place Sulitjelma Sulitjelma lies on the border to Sweden with an altitude of 1907 m above sea level. d M. The place Sulitjelma is also a starting point of Nordkalottleden, a long distance hiking trail that leads through the almost 1000 m above sea level watershed in the Padjelanta National Park in Sweden.

The name has Sulitjelma pitesamischen origin; the meaning is unclear.