Sultanate of Lahej

The Sultanate of Lahidsch (Arabic لحج, DMG Laḥiǧ ), also Abdali Sultanate ( سلطنة العبدلي, saltanat al - ʿ Abdali ) called, was a state within the British Protectorate of Aden. Briefly, it was a member of the Federation of Arab Emirates of the South and then the South Arabian Federation. Its capital was Lahidsch. The area is now part of the Republic of Yemen.


Lahidsch was a sultanate of Abdali dynasty under the suzerainty of the Zaidi Imams of Yemen. 1728, liberated the Abdali from the domination of the imam and were regardless.

The British Royal Navy attacked the port of Aden in 1839 successfully, forcing parts of Yemen as his rule and influence. This power was increasingly felt in Lahidsch. The Sultanate was (besides Aqrabi, the Emirate of Dhala, the Scheichtum Alawi, the lower Aulaqi Sultanate, the Sultanate of Fadhli, Hauschabi, Subeihi and the lower Yafi Sultanate ) one of nine cantons that in the late 19th century protection contracts with the United Kingdom signed.

Since 1919, the area around Subeihi also belonged to the Sultanate. Lahidsch generally had good relations with the British, although this 1918 accidentally whose Sultan Fadhl ibn Ali al- Abdali killed.