Summa contra gentiles

The Summa contra Gentiles ( ScG ) to German Summa against the Gentiles, also known with its subtitle about the truth of the Catholic faith ( Liber de veritate catholicae fidei contra errores infidelium ), is one of the major works of the scholastic philosophers and theologians Thomas Aquinas, which was created in 1260.

It is a philosophical- theological work, which was initially intended in particular for use in a Muslim and Jewish environment. Because the ScG educated people, especially to ( Aristotelian ) applies, she argues - in contrast to many other missionary and apologetic works of the time - mostly on the philosophical level, ie without denominational premises.

The ScG is an extensive work with about 300,000 words, the (now volumes) consists of four " books ". The first book is about God and his nature, inasmuch the human mind can grasp this without divine revelation and special grace. The second book deals with the creation of the world and its beings. The third book shows how rational creatures can find their happiness ( in God) and live ethically. The fourth book explains key elements of the Christian faith such as the Trinity, the Incarnation, the sacraments and the resurrection.