Summer School (1987 film)

  • Mark Harmon: Freddy Shoop
  • Kirstie Alley: Elizabeth Bishop
  • Robin Thomas: Phil Gills
  • Patrick Labyorteaux: Kevin Winchester
  • Courtney Thorne -Smith: Pam House
  • Dean Cameron Francis Gremp
  • Gary Riley: Dave Frazier
  • Kelly Jo Minter: Denise Green
  • Ken Olandt: Larry Kazamias
  • Shawnee Smith: Rhonda Altobello
  • Richard Steven Horvitz: Alan Eakian
  • Fabiana Udenio: Anna- Maria Mazarelli
  • Francis X. McCarthy: headmaster Kelban

Summer School is an American comedy from 1987. Directed by Carl Reiner, the screenplay was written by Jeff Franklin.


The high school teacher Freddy Shoop wants to spend with his girlfriend Hawaiian vacation. Meanwhile undergoes a group of students - including Pam House, Denise Green, Larry Kazamias and Kevin Winchester - that they have to prove because of the lack of academic performance during the summer holidays extra classes. Two of the students, Francis Gremp and Dave Frazier, are fans of the horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The intended as a supervisor teacher wins the lottery and announced. Alternatively, Shoop is charged with the supervision of the students.

The friend of the teacher departs alone. Shoop often meets his colleague Elizabeth Bishop, who often arrange to meet with the deputy headmaster Phil Gills. He falls in love with Bishop. Meanwhile, he promises the students additional benefits when they learn; among other things he brings Green at driving a car.

Students make friends with Shoop and learn intensively. Gill wants to dismiss Shoop, should not all students pass the final exam. Some students fall through, but the parents of the students are committed to Shoop what the headmaster Kelban impressed. Bishop and Shoop are a couple.


Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times of 22 July 1987, the comedy is so mindless, that he had to force himself while watching to follow the plot closely. The film had no right to exist; he leave no lasting impression after leaving the cinema.

Movie service wrote, Summer School was a " teenager movie with amazing depth". He think " largely enjoyable ", but is not ' wholesome for everyone " as a" dramatic horror film parody ".


The film was shot in Los Angeles and the other in Santa Monica. He played in the U.S. theatrical release, about 35.66 million U.S. dollars.