Sumy Oblast

The Sumy Oblast (Ukrainian Сумська област / Sumska oblast, Russian Сумская область / Sumskaja oblast ) is one of 25 administrative units ( oblasts of Ukraine) in the north- east of Ukraine. It has approximately 1.13 million inhabitants (2014). The oblast is bordered to the north and east to Russia ( with the oblasts Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod ). The western boundary is at the Chernihiv Oblast; the Desna separates the border in the northern part. In the south of the Sumy Oblast borders the oblasts Poltava and Kharkiv.

Largest cities

Capital of the Sumy oblast is the city of Sumy.

Administrative divisions

The Sumy Oblast is administratively divided into 18 Rajone and 7 directly below the Oblastverwaltung cities. These are the cities Ochtyrka, Hluchiw, Konotop, Lebedyn, Romny and Schostka as well as the eponymous administrative center of the oblast, the city of Sumy.

Rajone Oblast Sumy with their administrative centers

The Sumy Oblast is divided into 18 Rajone: