The Sun -1 was the first series of Unix -based servers and workstations from Sun Microsystems.

The Sun - 1 was developed by Andreas von Bechtolsheim during his time at Stanford University. Since he found no company that wanted to build this computer under license, he decided to found the company Sun, whose first product was the Sun -1 with Vinod Khosla, Scott McNealy and Bill Joy. The first prototype was presented on 24 February 1982 then took place in May / June delivery.

The processor was clocked at 10 MHz, a Motorola 68000, and later a Motorola 68010, for use. Originally, the Sun -1 had 256 KB of memory, which was later expanded to 1 MB. A maximum memory to 2 MB was possible. A bus system developed by Intel Multibus was used. The 17 "monitor was installed along with the motherboard in a case.

The operating system is a port of Version 7 Unix, the company UniSoft was used. On models with processors of type 68010 could be used as an alternative SunOS.

The Sun -1 followed by the Sun -2 and Sun -3 workstation, two other families who also used processors from Motorola's 68000 family, only with the Sun -4 came a workstation with the architecture developed by Sun SPARC processor on the market.