Sun ONE is a suite of software products from Sun Microsystems for use in medium and large enterprises. The suite includes, inter alia,

  • LDAP server ( multi-master capable, high -scaling )
  • Web Server ( including a servlet engine )
  • Application Server ( J2EE)
  • Meta - Directory (discontinued and replaced by an identity management product)
  • Portal Server
  • Access Manager ( Web-based Single Sign -on )
  • Messaging (SMTP, IMAP server, including web frontend )
  • Calendar Server

The basic idea

Mid- late 90s, the Sun had | Netscape Alliance of which presupposed a number of software products on offer ( messaging, portal, etc) of each component in multiple revisions. For example, supported the IMAP server the LDAP server in version 4.x demanded during the Portal Server 5.x already. This meant that the components had to be present multiple times. The aim was therefore to unify the products and development cycles so that they fall back on the same so-called shared components. These components include not only LDAP server, but also libraries ( shared libraries).


Sun ONE ( Open Network Environment ) was the successor name of the iPlanet Suite ( iPlanet was an alliance of Netscape and Sun Microsystems). Meanwhile, the suite was renamed in Sun Java Enterprise System and expanded noticeably. For Sun Java ES in addition to the above components include a complete Identity Management Suite and CAPS products to build a service-oriented architecture (SOA).