Sundbyberg Municipality

Sundbyberg is a municipality (in Swedish kommun ) in Stockholm County Sweden with 33,912 inhabitants (June 30, 2005). The municipality has an urban character and borders the municipalities of Stockholm and Solna. At 8.8 km ², it is the smallest area of ​​municipality in Sweden. In addition, Sundbyberg is one of the municipalities in Sweden which still describe themselves as stad.


Neighborhoods within the community Sundbyberg are:

  • Centrala Sundbyberg
  • Duvbo
  • Hallonbergen
  • Lilla Alby
  • Lilla Ursvik
  • Ör
  • Rissne
  • Stora Ursvik (under construction)
  • Storskogen


The settlement was founded in the late 19th century as a suburb of the former town Bromma along the railway line to Västerås. The trigger was the lack of housing in the Stockholm area. The owner of the former manor Sundbyberg, Anders Petter Löfström, initially sold around 40 plots of land around the new station Sundbyberg. There, workers' families settled. Gradually these were joined by industrial and craft enterprises. Sundbyberg grew quickly and had the main town Bromma surpassed in terms of the number of inhabitants soon. 1888 Sundbyberg was therefore separated from Bromma and initially formed an independent spots ( Sw: köping ). 1927 Sundbyberg received city rights.

1949 Places Lilla Alby, Lilla Ursvik and Duvbo were incorporated. After that, the new development areas Storskogen, Ör, Hallonbergen and Rissne emerged. In 2006 started the construction of the new district Stora Ursvik. The building activity is to be completed by 2016.

As part of the planned for 1971 municipal reform in Sweden was intended to unite the former city Sundbyberg with the former city of Solna. Therefore, these two cities were in 1964 to a so-called " kommunblock " together to cooperate on administrative and political level and to facilitate the association with it. The merger, however, was not realized. Instead, the municipality was formed in 1971 Sundbyberg.

The Sundbyberger Maraboupark was winner of the competition "Sweden's most beautiful park in 2008".

In the area of ​​the municipality is the formerly planned district Kymlinge, which was not built. The already built subway station was never put into operation.


Daily commute about 12,000 people to Stockholm or from surrounding villages to the industry based here. For Sundbyberg has a station at which meet the Stockholm subway and a line of the suburban train.