Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software

The Sunflowers Interactive Entertainment Software GmbH was a German manufacturer of computer games based in Heusenstamm in the Offenbach district in Hesse, near Frankfurt am Main. The company had specialized in the genre of strategy.

Sunflowers became known by the title Anno 1602 and its successor Anno 1503 by Max Design. Both games sold worldwide to date together over 4.4 million times and were thus the most successful PC game series of all time from the German speaking countries.


The company, founded by Adi Boiko began in 1993 as a game developer, however, the development department presented a 2002. He drove henceforth mainly games that have been developed by Black Sea Studios, Max Design, Related Designs and game development Kombinat (SEC East ).

For 2007, the company had announced an expansion of its product portfolio to other platforms besides the PC. Shortly afterwards appeared a port of Anno 1701 for the Nintendo DS.

On 11 April 2007 it was announced that Sunflowers would be acquired by Ubisoft. Through this acquisition, the French company secured 30 percent of the Anno -1701 - developer Related Designs, which were previously held by Sunflowers.

The Sunflowers founder Adi Boiko and Wilhelm Hamrozi later admitted starting a new company focused on MMOGs known, some of the Sunflowers staff should be adopted.


  • A.D.A.M. - A journey through the body
  • American Dream
  • Anno 1503 (2002)
  • Anno 1602 (1998)
  • Anno 1701 (2006 for PC and 2007 for Nintendo DS)
  • Atlas
  • Upswing East (1993 )
  • Blinky Bill 1: The Secret of Skeleton Cave
  • Blinky Bill 2: The adventurous journey in the balloon
  • The universe of Professor Pi
  • The Treasure of Venice ( 1997)
  • The Adventure World of words
  • The adventure world of numbers
  • The Fugger II ( 1996)
  • The Pirate Island
  • English 1 Plus
  • English Plus 2
  • Globetrotter destination: Australia
  • Holiday Iceland
  • Holiday Iceland Relaunch
  • Holiday Iceland Scenario Disk
  • Children discover the Bible
  • Knights of Honor (2004)
  • Leonardo's journey in time
  • Leonardo in dreamland
  • Leonardo in space
  • LexiKIDS
  • Magic of Endoria
  • Nectaris (1995 )
  • Noddy
  • ParaWorld (2006)
  • Railway Challenge
  • TechnoMage - The Return of Eternity ( 2002)
  • TMX English
  • Tuneland
  • Urmels Film Studio
  • Urmels great flight
  • Zurk and the animals of the rainforest