Sunifred II, Count of Urgell

Sunifred II ( Sunifredo; † 948 ) was Count of Urgell in Catalonia. He was the son of Wilfried I, Count of Barcelona, ​​Besalu, Girona, Osona, Urgell and Cerdanya, and the Guinidilda.

It occurs for the first time in 897, the year of his father. His older brothers were Barcelona, Girona and Osona ( Wilfried II and I. Suniario ) or Besalu and Cerdanya ( Miró ), he Urgell county the.

Sunifred married Adelais of Toulouse, a daughter of Count Armengol de Rouergue out of the house Toulouse (whose sister Richilde 920/925 Sunifreds brother Suniario married ), with whom he had three children: Armengol, Borrell and Gisla, the future wife of Bernardo Conflent.

  • Graf ( Urgell )
  • House Barcelona
  • Born in the 9th century
  • Died 948
  • Man