Suntar (rural locality)

Suntar (Russian Сунтар; Yakut Сунтаар / Suntaar ) is a village in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) with 10,034 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The settlement is situated on the northern edge of the Lena Plateau, about 630 miles as the crow flies west of the Republic capital Yakutsk on the left bank of the Wiljui.

Suntar is the administrative center of Ulus ( Rajons ) Suntarski and as its only town seat of the rural community ( selskoje posselenije ) Suntarski Nasleg. About 90 % of residents are Yakuts.


Though founded in the town in 1764 applies, as in the 17th century by Yakuts populated area the Russian Orthodox Church of the Assumption in the Temple Church ( Vvedenski Church) was built. The resulting around the church town grew up in the late 19th century to the center of the Naslegs ( Yakut lowest administrative unit ) Suntarski; November 24, 1910, he received along with attraction in the nearby, now-defunct settlement Novo- Alexandrovka the official status of a village ( selo ).

With the establishment of Rajons (now Ulus ) Suntarski was on 9 January 1930, the village to its administrative headquarters.


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Culture and sights

In Suntar a museum complex dedicated to the native-born Nasleg Yakut folk singer Sergei Zverev - Kyyl Uola (1900-1973) exists.

Economy and infrastructure

Suntar is the center of an agricultural region (cattle and horses, cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fodder crops) with several processing plants for regional needs.

The village lies on the A331 trunk road Wiljui on the portion that connects Yakutsk with the diamond mining town of Mirny in the west of the Republic. East of the village of Wiljui is crossed in the summer from a ferry in the winter by ice road.

In Suntar there is a pier on navigable Wijui and about three kilometers north of a small airport ( ICAO code UENS ), is from which link with the Republic 's capital.