Suntribe was a girl group from Estonia, who represented her country at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2005. With the song Let's Get Loud, the band won on 5 February 2005 the Estonian preliminary Eurolaul 2005. The Song Contest in Kiev on 19 May 2005 she was disqualified in the qualifying round, and shortly afterwards the band was dissolved.

Band members

Suntribe consisted of five singers who in 2005 were 16 to 20 years old:

  • Rebecca Kontus (18 )
  • Laura Põldvere (16 )
  • Jaanika Vilipo (20 )
  • Mari - Leen Kaselaan (16 )
  • Daana Ots (17 )

All five band members visited the school and the university, where she focused primarily on the subject of music. Her hobbies they counted motorcycles, modeling, swimming, folk dancing and cooking. As musical role models they gave Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Madonna and Anouk on.

Band member Laura, who was discovered by a talent competition, also took part with a solo contribution ( Moonwalk ) at the Estonian euro vision preliminary round, finishing in second place. Alone, she received 9906 votes, while 10583 times voted for Suntribe. Daana was at the time of the preliminary yet a member of the group, but was added later.

Band environment

Producer of Suntribe was Sven Lõhmus, explorers and former producer of the now well-known also outside Estonia girl group Vanilla Ninja. Jüri Nael has worked as a choreographer of the group. Gerly Tinn, one of Estonia's best fashion designers, designed the stage outfit of Suntribe for her big performance at the Grand Prix.