Sunyer, Count of Barcelona

Suniario I. ( Spanish Suñer I, Catalan Sunyer I. ) ( † October 15 950 ) was Count of Barcelona, Gerona, and Urgell Osona from 911 to 947

He was the son of the Hairy Wilfried and the Guinidilda, and the younger brother of his predecessor as Count of Barcelona, ​​Wilfried II Borrell. He worked with his brothers in the management of left behind by his father, 897 possession, but did not rule independently, until his brother Wilfried II died in 911.

Familial conflict

Upon the death of his uncle Radulf I. Count of Besalu probably 920 he came into conflict with his brother Miró II, Count of Cerdanya, to succeed in this county. The dispute was solved by Miró renounced all claims to Barcelona, ​​Sunyer to Besalu.


Sunyer made ​​great efforts in their counties, operating mainly settlement policy in Ausona. He strengthened the position of the Church, gave their land and thus income.

Outwardly he gave to the defensive posture of its predecessors and attacked the Moors States to the south, struck battles of Lleida and Tarragona. At the same time he established diplomatic relations with the Emir of Córdoba, who had largely lost control of his northern provinces. 912 was attacked and destroyed his army from the Moorish Wali of Lleida in Tarrega Valley. Sunyers Counterattack 914 she threw back then but. He then populated the region of Penedès, which had previously been the scene of frequent fighting between the Franks and the Muslims, down to Olèrdola ( 929 ).

936/937, he led another campaign against the Muslims. He opened the Kingdom of Valencia, including the Germanic tribe of the Quadi. The Moors subsequently gave to Tarragona, the no man's land was now while Tortosa was forced, Count of Barcelona to pay tribute.


In his first marriage he married Aimilda, probably 920 died, and presumably had a daughter, Guinidilda who was the wife of Hugh of Rouergue, Lord of Quercy.

920/925 Sunyer married in second marriage Richilda of Toulouse, † after 954, daughter of Count Armengol de Rouergue, with who had four sons and one daughter:

  • Ermengol, † 940/943, Earl of Osona,
  • Borrell II, † 992, Count of Barcelona, etc.
  • Miró, Count of Barcelona and Osona
  • Adelaida ( Bonafilla ), † before 955 Abbess of San Juan de Ripoll
  • Wilfried, † after 986

947 he handed over the government to his sons Borrell and Miró, and retired to a monastery. He died in 950 in the monastery of La Grasa in Conflent

  • Graf ( Barcelona)
  • House Barcelona
  • Born in the 9th century
  • Died 950
  • Man