Suolahti is a formerly independent town with around 5,400 inhabitants in Central Finland. It is located 40 km north of Jyväskylä on the southern shore of the lake Keitele.

Suolahti existed as a municipality from 1932 to 2006, since 1977 it had city rights. The city covered not only the main town Suolahti the villages Alkula, Honkola, Kallio Lahti, Keskusta, Kylänmäki, Likolahti, Mutapohja, Nakertaja and Paatela. On 1 January 2007 merged with the neighboring communities Suolahti Äänekoski and Sumiainen; the new town leads just the name Äänekoski on.

The previously very rural community developed after the connection to the Finnish railway network in 1898 to a major industrial center; here a large sawmill was built in the same year. Today, with 670 employees, the work of the tractor manufacturer Valtra 's largest employer; approximately 10,000 tractors annually there made ​​with 600 employees follows the work of the Group Finnforest plywood.

Since the completion of Keitele Päijännekanals in 1993 Suoalhti is also connected to the waterway network of the Finnish Lake District.