Suomussalmi [ suɔmus ɑlmi ː ] is a municipality with 8814 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in Finland. It lies in the northeast of the country in the countryside of Kainuu.

The municipality includes the towns of Alajärvi, Ala- Vuokki, Hossa, Jumaliskylä, Juntusranta Kaljuskylä, Kerälä, Kiannanniemi, Korpela, Kuivajärvi Myllylahti, Näljänkä, Pesiökylä, Piispajärvi, Pitämä, Pyhäkylä, Raate, Ruhtinansalmi, Siikaranta, Suomussalmen Kirkonkylä, Vaaranniva and Yli- Vuokki. Administrative center and the largest city is Ämmänsaari, located on an island at the outlet of the river from the lake Emäjoki Kiantajärvi.

Ämmänsaari is also the terminus of a railway line to Kontiomäki; however, operate on the non-electrified route only museum trains and freight traffic. Most of the freight traffic make timber transportation company UPM -Kymmene. Passenger traffic to and within Suomussalmi is disputed by buses.

In Suomussalmi are some of the most important Stone Age sites in Finland. Near the village Hossa to find the oldest rock paintings in Finland. Your age is estimated at around 10,000 years. The rich early history of the region is documented in the museum complex Jalonniemi.

Suomussalmi is best known as the scene of the Battle of Suomussalmi, the bloodiest battle of the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union. At the turn of 1939/40, the Group succeeded Finnish organizations to stem the advance of the Red Army.

A well-known figure in the community is the Formula 1 driver Heikki Kovalainen.


As generally in the rural areas of northern Finland, the Centre Party is also in Suomussalmi the strongest political force. In the local elections 2008, she received just over half of the votes in the council, the highest decision-making authority in local affairs, she has with 19 of 35 seats on an absolute majority. The second strongest force is the Left Alliance, this is disproportionately represented. It was about a third of the combined votes and has twelve seats are held by the local council. The two other Finnish political parties play in Suomussalmi hardly matters. The conservative National Coalition Party was able to win with a vote share of 10.8 percent, only four seats, while the Social Democrats missed just 2.4 percent of the way into the council.

Community partnerships

Sons and daughters

  • Heikki Kovalainen ( born 1981 ), race car driver
  • Merja Kyllönen (* 1977), politician
  • Janne Pesonen (* 1982 ), ice hockey player