Super Bowl XIX

The Super Bowl XIX was the championship final of the 1984 season of the National Football League ( NFL). There was a total of 19 host the Super Bowl and the 15th encounter between the masters of the National Football Conference (NFC ) and the American Football Conference ( AFC). On January 20, 1985, the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers faced each other in Stanford, CA at Stanford Stadium. Winners were the San Francisco 49ers for a final score of 38:16. San Francisco quarterback Joe Montana, who completed 24 of 35 passes in a space gain of 331 yards and three touchdowns, was elected to the Super Bowl MVP.


The Super Bowl was previously expected to be very exciting encounter, since the two best quarterbacks in the league, Dan Marino for the Dolphins and Joe Montana with the 49ers, collided. It was the first Super Bowl in which the starting quarterbacks of both teams could throw the more than 300 yards. The 49ers were able to view this game as a home game, which is Stanford Stadium just 50 km away from its actual stadium. Super Bowl XIX was the first Super Bowl (ABC) was broadcast by the American Broadcasting Company.

Game History

The game was due to the good quarterbacks very rich points in the first quarter, there was a field goal on the part of the Dolphins and each team made ​​a pass a touchdown. In the second quarter of the 49ers three more and the Dolphins made ​​another touchdown, which is why it stood at the end of the first half 28:16 for San Francisco. In the second half followed just another touchdown and another field goal on the part of the 49ers, which caused the final score of 38:16.