SuperCollider (SC) is a programming environment and programming language for real-time sound synthesis and algorithmic composition. It was developed in 1996 by James McCartney and released in 2002 by the author under the GNU GPL. Since then it has evolved into a system that is used by artists and composers as well as by scientists in the fields of sound, music and media art.


Since version 3, the programming environment SuperCollider consists of two components: the server scsynth and the language or the client sclang that communicate with each other via the Open Sound Control protocol. The programming language sclang combines the object-oriented structure of Smalltalk with elements of functional programming and a style similar to C syntax. The server generates scsynth and edit digital audio signals with the help of from elementary building blocks ( so-called UGens ) formed graph. Since the entire external control of the server via the OSC protocol, in addition to sclang other programs or programming environments can communicate with scsynth and so control the signal processing.

Sample Code

Compatible Operating Systems

SC runs under GNU / Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The GNU / Linux version can be used with GNU Emacs.

SC is pure on the Linux live CD: dyne preinstalled.