Supergrass were an English indie rock band from Oxford that emerged in the early 1990s from the band The Jennifers.

Band History

The 1993 formed band received after a short time a record deal with Parlophone. Their debut album, I Should Coco reached in 1995, at the height of the Britpop wave, topped the UK charts, with the single combination Alright / Time they came at No. 2 and was awarded at the NME Awards as best new band and received a Brit Award for Best newcomer. The second album also proved to be successful and well achieved as its predecessor platinum status in the UK.

Published in 1999 the self-titled third album of the band, on which the song Pumping On Your Stereo is the rank 11 of the UK-Charts. The acclaimed video for the song was directed by Hammer & Tongs.

2002 Tony Hoffer produced her next album, Life on Other Planets, which was mixed by Dave Sardy. Part of the subsequent tour, they challenged together with his friend, the Foo Fighters. Two years later, the band celebrated its tenth anniversary with a best-of collection. 2005 was followed by a rather quiet album Road to Rouen captured in Normandy.

In June 2007, the band in Berlin finished the recordings for their new album. It was released in the spring of 2008 and is titled Diamond Hoo Ha. First extractions from the album were the songs Diamond Hoo Ha Man ​​and Bad Blood. It was the first album of the band, not the top ten of the charts in its home country, where it was perceived mostly positive critical acclaim. Diamond Hoo Ha was also included in the compilation VPRO Song of the Year. In 2008, the band left the record label Parlophone, where their previous albums were released. She founded her own label Supergrass Records.

On 12 April 2010 the band announced the separation after 17 years. Danny Goffey became the new drummer of the band Babyshambles in the same year.


  • Gareth " Gaz " Michael Coombes ( born March 8, 1976) / Guitar and vocals
  • Michael " Mick " Quinn (born 17 December 1969) / E-Bass
  • Daniel " Danny" Goffey ( born February 7, 1974) / drums
  • Robert " Rob" Coombes (* April 27, 1972 ) / Keyboard (Rob is the older brother of Gaz and was only since 2002 a permanent member )





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