Supertec is a former company, which was founded and directed in 1998 by Flavio Briatore and the purpose of which was to prepare former Formula 1 engines from Renault or Mecachrome against a leasing fee of $ 15 million per customer for racing. In the years 1999 ( Williams, B · A · R ) and 2000 ( Arrows ) various Formula 1 teams were supplied with V10 powerplants. The Italian Benetton team went in 1999 and 2000 with the Supertec engines, however, named it after his main sponsor to Play Life.

In 1998, the former Renault engines, with whom Williams had won the 1997 World Cup, has been modified and further developed by the French company supplier Mecachrome after Renault himself had officially withdrawn.

Motor data

Supertec FB01 (1999)

Supertec FB02 (2000)


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