Supraesophageal ganglion

The Oberschlundganglion is in arthropods such as insects, crustaceans, arachnids and other animals with a rope ladder nervous system (eg tardigrades and earthworms ) is the largest nerve ganglia ( ganglion ) of the central nervous system. It has the same function as the brain of vertebrates and cephalopods and consists of a large protocerebrum as the frontmost part and the subsequent Deutocerebrum and Tritocerebrum.

The Oberschlundganglion is located in the head or in spiders and scorpions in the head chest, above the esophagus. Two nerve cords ( Schlundkonnektive ) it is connected to the subesophageal, the Tritocerebrum may be partially fused with the subesophageal.