Supraoptic nucleus

The supraoptic nucleus is a collection of nerve cell bodies, a core region extending above the visual pathway ( optic tract ) in the hypothalamus ( diencephalon ), more precisely at the bottom of this section brain, the hypothalamus is located. He is grouped with the paraventricular nucleus of the magnocellular core areas.

In the supraoptic nucleus are osmoreceptors which respond to changes in the salt concentration in the surrounding tissue. The nerve cells of supraoptic nucleus are neurosekretorisch active. They produce vasopressin, and in small quantities in oxytocin, both hormones, which then - packaged in vesicles - via the axons ( axonal ) via the optic tract supraopticohypophysialis to neurohypophysis ( posterior pituitary ) are transported.

The supraoptic nucleus is thus an interface between the central nervous system and endocrine system. Vasopressin acts as antidiuretic hormone ( ADH, the urine formation -inhibiting hormone), as it promotes the tubular reabsorption of water in the kidneys. For damage with loss of ADH production it comes to diabetes insipidus.