Supreme Assembly (Tajikistan)

The Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan ( Tajik: Маҷлиси намояндагони Маҷлиси Олии Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон transcribed Majlisi oliyii, Russian Высшее Собрание Таджикистана ) is the national parliament in the bicameral parliamentary system of Tajikistan.

The parliament building is located in the capital Dushanbe.


The House of Commons is the representative assembly.

In the Assembly of Representatives 63 members are elected for five years.

There are also a Senate, which represents the second chamber (upper house ) of Parliament.

The second last elections were held on 27 February and 13 March 2005. The last elections were held on February 28, 2010 The parliamentary majority has since been the ruling party People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan.