Surgut International Airport

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The Surgut Airport (Russian Международный аэропорт Сургут ) is an international airport located 6 km north of the city of Surgut in the Tyumen Oblast. It is the largest airport in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. It will be flown primarily national targets. There are also flights to Baku and Sharm El -Sheikh.


The history of the airport begins in the mid- 1930s. In 1938 an airfield with wooden buildings, but this was mainly used military emerged. The growing number of passengers ( late 60s flew 50,000 passengers from Surgut ) necessitated a larger and more powerful airport. The conversion to an airport as it exists today, was started in 1968. Five years later, on 12 June 1975, the new airport terminal was officially opened. The airport started its work in 1971 but to. In the first year of 447,000 passengers were handled. Thus, the number of employees grew at the airport. Worked before the rebuild just 225 people there, stopped after the rebuild around a thousand employees the airport running. In eleven years (1982 ) the number of passengers to 824,000 passengers could be almost doubled. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the airport was privatized. From 7 February 1994, the airport by the private company Surgut Airport (Russian ОАО Аэропорт Сургут ) is operated. The first step to expand the airport to the crisis in the 1990s, was the construction of six new aircraft parking on the apron. In 2003, the airstrip has been completely renewed and installed to a firing train. A year later, the fuel depot were renovated. The terminals were renovated in two stages in 2004 and 2006.

Throughout 2008 there was at the airport a new passenger record. It flew 1,013,179 passengers from Surgut.


  • On January 22, 1971, the cargo plane Antonov An- 12B from Syktyvkar crashed on approach to Surgut 15 km behind the runway. The aircraft was destroyed and all 13 occupants were killed in the accident. The machine became uncontrollable due to icing.
  • On January 31, 1971 also crashed an An- 12B on approach to Surgut. The accident can be attributed in part to the cold weather and on the other due to human error. The pilots interpreted the wrong instruments and put on wrong, then they lost control because of the ice runway.
  • Near Surgut collided on November 1, 1974 bad weather, a helicopter type Mil Mi- 8 with an An-2 from Khanty-Mansiysk to Surgut. During the collision the 24 passengers and two crew members of the helicopter and six people were on board the Antonov killed.
  • When landing at Surgut there was on the morning of February 27, 1988 problems with sight and the machine type Tupolev 134 sat next to the runway, broke up and caught fire. On the flight from Tyumen 20 of the 51 occupants were killed.
  • On 1 January 2011 blew an engine start preparing a Tupolev 154 of the airline Kogalymavia airline. There were 3 dead and 43 injured.