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Surnadal? / I is a municipality in the Norwegian Fylke Møre og Romsdal. The management of Surnadal is located in the village of Skei.


The municipality consists of the valley Surnadal and many smaller valleys and villages, among other Bæverfjord, Bæverdalen, Bøfjorden, Østbødalen, Todalen Stangvik and Øvre Surnadal. Neighboring municipalities are (clockwise) Halsa, Hemne, Rindal, Oppdal, Sunndal and Ting full. Surnadal lies on the edge of the mountain troll homes. The highest mountain in the municipality Surnadal is the 1668 meter high Snota.

The river Surna flows through the valley and flows into the Surnadalsøra Surnadalsfjord. Salmon chat to in this river, which attracts tourists from the rest of the country and abroad.

Economy and Transport

With good soil and the mild maritime climate because, Surnadal is a good area for agriculture. Furthermore, forestry and industrial production is operated and offered services.

The major transport connections are the national route 65 to Trondheim and Halsa and the ferry towards Sunndal.


Svinvik Arboretum

Situated between Todalen and Kvanne in the southwestern part of the municipality Svinvik Arboretum is a botanical garden that focuses on variants of the rhododendron. It belongs to the science museum Trondheim.

Surnadal Bygdemuseum

The Surnadal Bygdemuseum is a small museum on the farm Åsen, between Surnadalsøra and Kvanne. It belongs to the Nordmøre Museum.

Bøfjorden Sjøbruksmuseum

The small maritime museum gives an insight into the seafaring Nordmøre. Themes of the exhibition are generally seafaring, fishing and shipbuilding industries.


Kallastuå is an art museum with paintings of the painter Kalla Skrøvseth.


Nauståfossen is a 110 meter high waterfall near Todalen.


There are several churches in Surnadal, including the Church of Mo in 1728 and built in the 19th century Long churches in Ranes, Øye, Stangvik, Åsskard and Todalen.

Notable people from Surnadal

  • Hans Hyldbakk (1898-2001), Norwegian poet
  • Kalla Skrøvseth (1913-1997), Norwegian painter
  • Olav Magne Dønnem ( born 1980 ), Norwegian ski jumper