Surreal Software

Surreal Software was an American development studio for computer games from Seattle, Washington.

Company History

Surreal Software was founded in 1995 by Alan Patmore, Stuart Denman, Nick Radovich and Mike Nichols. Larger became famous for the studio in 1999 with the publication of the action adventure Drakan on the Sony group company Psygnosis. For the game Surreal developed the Riot engine. In 2003 it was with the PlayStation 2 exclusive Drakan: The Ancients continued ' Gates. In April 2004, Surreal was acquired by Midway Games. 2003, developed on behalf of Vivendi Universal Games Games project, The Lord of the Rings was: The Treason of Isengard set. 2005 Surreals initially appeared last game, The Suffering: Ties That Bind.

In July 2009, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment took over the studio in the wake of the destruction of Midway Games. Under Warner Bros. Surreal was together with Monolith Productions and Snowblind Studios performed the under the collective name WB Games Seattle, but still get the brand upright. The workforce of the three companies were merged without public notice. In August 2010, the British games website Computer and Video Games ( CVG) relied on internal information that Surreals last unannounced and began still under project This is Vegas Midway Games had been recruited. It also statements about the secret closure of the studio were made in June, but have not officially confirmed. 2011 was reported again on a vacancy for Surreal Software, announcements of new titles under the Surreal logo remained out though. The assumption about the closure in 2012 was supported by the testimony of a Kotaku columnist, after a wave of dismissals for WB Games Seattle in November 2011, mainly the Snowblind Studios would have hit and WB Games Seattle "Monolith Productions more or less" is now.