Surrey (British Columbia)

Surrey is a city in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is located south-east of Vancouver in the Metro Vancouver region, between the lower reaches of the Fraser River and the border with the United States. Named after the English county of Surrey has around 470,000 inhabitants. It is the second most populous city in the province and one of the fastest growing cities in Canada.


Surrey is bordered to the north by the Fraser River, south of the border with the U.S. and the Boundary Bay, a bay of the Pacific Ocean. In the east-west direction, two rivers running through the hilly city, both open into the Boundary Bay; the Serpentine River and the Nicomekl River. In the southwest Surrey borders White Rock, on the west by Delta, in the northwest of New Westminster, in the north of Port Coquitlam, in the northeast of Pitt Meadows, on the east by the city of Langley and the District of Langley and to the south by Blaine in the U.S. state Washington.

The town consists of six major towns that have grown together in the second half of the 20th century. Economic center and the most densely populated area is Whalley, in the northwest of the urban area on the Fraser River. It is named after the district of Arthur Walley, who settled in 1925 was the first here and opened a gas station. To the east, also located in the Fraser River, is Guildford. South of Whalley and Guildford is Fleetwood, the smallest area of ​​the district.

Situated between the river valleys of the Serpentine River and Nicomekl Cloverdale River is immediately adjacent to the City of Langley and is the oldest district of Surrey. Location of the municipality is the district Newton, who has grown together with the belonging to the municipality of Delta town of North Delta. To the south is South Surrey.


For about 6000 years the area is inhabited at the Fraser River from the Kwantlen while the Semiahmoo live on the coast. In July 1791, the expedition explored the Spaniard José María Narváez the Boundary Bay and came across on the lower reaches of the Fraser River. The following year, the coast of George Vancouver's expedition was surveyed in detail. The next reached in 1808 Simon Fraser on the land the lower reaches of the Fraser River.

1859 arranged Governor James Douglas to the accurate measurement of the area by the Fraser River to prepare it for colonization. 1860, settled the first British. Other settlers followed initially rare, since the terrain was mostly hilly and densely wooded; Also the floor had to first be drained before it could be used for agriculture. With time, several villages formed.

The official founding of the church Surrey took place on November 10, 1879, as the area to fulfill the legal requirements (more than 30 permanently living men eligible to vote ). The name of the village derives from the English county of Surrey. Between Surrey and founded six years earlier district Langley was a strip of half a mile wide, who arrived in 1882 after a plebiscite to Surrey.

New roads created the conditions for an almost unlimited growth of Surrey, but also for the typical urban sprawl. Since the 1950s, more and more people settled who worked in Burnaby or Vancouver. The individual towns grew together. In 1957, the little town of White Rock outlying was separated and declared an independent parish. Since the 1980s, experienced Surrey, favored by the immigration from Asia, a construction boom; 1993, and received its charter.


The census in 2011 showed a population of 468 251, which corresponds to over 2006, an increase of 18.6%. 38.3 % of residents were born abroad, the proportion of foreigners was 11.7 %.

1.9 % of the population belonged to the indigenous peoples, other 46.1% of the so- named by the statistical authorities " visible minorities " ( visible minorities ). The largest group is people from South Asia with 27.5 %, followed by Chinese (5.1%), Filipinos (4.2%), Southeast Asians (2.4%) and Koreans (2.0 %). The breakdown among religious groups in 2001 was as follows: 27.0 % Protestant, 16.3 % Catholic, 16.3% Sikhs, 6.5 % other Christians, 2.9 % Muslim, 5.2 % others.

Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Every month here settle around 1,000 people. It is expected that Surrey is the year to overtake Vancouver in 2020 to become the world 's most populous city of the province.


The School District 36, which in addition also includes Surrey White Rock, is the largest school district of the province of British Columbia. He is responsible for approximately 65,000 students, 99 primary schools and 25 secondary schools. Authority is headed by a seven-member elected school board. There are also three private schools, Holy Cross Regional High School, the Academy and the South Pacific Ridge School.

Surrey since 2002 location of a campus of Simon Fraser University (SFU ). The SFU took over while the building of the Technical University of British Columbia, which had been closed after only three years from the provincial government. The campus, which can accommodate 4,000 students, is located in the Whalley neighborhood in Central City complex. The district Newton has approximately 11,000 students since 1981, the main site of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Since then she has expanded to Richmond and Langley.

Culture and Sport

The best-known attraction of Surrey is the Peace Arch, a Peace Monument in Peace Arch Park, which is exactly on the border with the United States. The City of Surrey Museum in Cloverdale deals with local history (especially to the resident First Nations and European settlement, it also bietes temporary exhibitions on various topics The Historic Stewart Farm is a farmhouse dating from 1894, in which the way of life of those. epoch is shown. interested in art, there is the Surrey Arts Centre and the Surrey Art Gallery.

The largest annual event is the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair in late May, a rodeo with attached agricultural exhibition. It was first performed in 1888 .. Every year on April 23 to celebrate the Sikh Thanksgiving Vaisakhi; the parade each attracts tens of thousands of visitors.

Since 1993, each held in the summer of the Canada Cup, a major tournament for softball teams. In the South Surrey Arena discharged from the Surrey Eagles, an ice hockey team in the British Columbia Hockey League, play their home games. Surrey is home to the first stadium in Canada, which was built especially for the popular South Asian Kabaddi.


In the years before and after the founding of the community of Fort Langley Surrey paths inferred from the area. These were the Semiahmoo Trail Langley, the Kennedy Trail and Telegraph Trail. From 1884 there was a regular ferry service with the steam ships over the Fraser River in New Westminster.

Opened in 1889, the New Westminster and Southern Railway, a subsidiary of the Great Northern Railway, a railway from the south shore of the Fraser River to the Canadian-American border. The connection via the New Westminster Bridge to New Westminster and thus the connection to the rest of the Canadian rail network could only be built in 1904, as the Canadian Pacific Railway until then had a monopoly on the area north of the river. The Pattullo Bridge (1937) and the Port Mann Bridge (1964 ) increased the accessibility of Surrey to motorized traffic significantly.

The BNSF Railway, the Canadian National Railway and the Southern Railway of British Columbia operate rail freight on the territory of the City of Surrey; Persons is, however, not available. Public transport consists of the Expo Line SkyTrain Vancouver to Whalley and subsequent bus routes. Highway 99, a highway that runs north -south to the American border, where it merges with Interstate 5.

Twin Cities

Cities partnerships with Kōtō in Japan (since 1987 ) and Zhuhai in China ( since 1989).


  • Lisa Brokop (born 1973 ), country singer
  • Kevin Estrada ( b. 1982 ), ice hockey player
  • Colin Fraser ( born 1985 ), ice hockey player
  • Alen Marcina ( b. 1979 ), football player
  • Bob Rouse (born 1964 ), ice hockey player
  • Adam Straith (* 1990), football player
  • John Tenta (1963-2006), wrestler
  • Bill Vander Zalm ( born 1934 ), former Mayor of Surrey
  • Maple Batalia (* 1992-2011 ), former actress