Suruga Bank Championship

The Copa Suruga Bank (English: Suruga Bank Championship ) is an intercontinental club football competition, which since 2008 between the winners of the Copa Sudamericana and the winner of the Japanese League Cup, the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, will each be played in an encounter annually. Jointly organized by the South American Football CONMEBOL Area Association and the Japanese Football Association, the meeting place in the following year in Japan, usually right on the square of the Japanese League Cup winner instead. Bears the name of the competition because of the sponsorship of the Japanese Suruga Bank.

If the match after 90 minutes undecided, follows immediately a penalty shootout to determine the winner. In contrast to the current FIFA rules for competition games may be exchanged per team up to six field players.

The balance between South America and Japan falls with four to two victories positive for Japanese clubs.

Games and winners