Surviving Sid

  • John Leguizamo: Sid
  • Shane Baumel: Wine Erlicher beaver boy
  • Paul Butcher: Street Smart Meier hedgehog boy
  • Sean Michael Cunningham: Glyptodonjunge
  • Karen Disher: S'more
  • Maria Lark: Erdferkelmädchen Cindy
  • Emily Osment: Start Girls Claire
  • Khamani Griffin: Beaver son
  • John Hawkinson: Beaver Father
  • Chris Wedge: Scrat

Surviving Sid (English: Fort Existing Sid ) is an American short film production company Blue Sky, which was released in 2008. Starring Sid the sloth is seen. The film is about a camping trip with Sid and numerous young animals as a result of which the Grand Canyon formed.


For a camping trip of the Erdferkelmädchens Cindy, a Hedgehog, a beaver, and a Glyptodonjungen, the animals go to the sloth Sid, who tried from a hive, honey to bring out and instead chased by bees nested thereupon. Then he goes to the animals to walk and shows up after initial joy despite clumsy hardships after a march of 3:45 hours as the only happy. He leads her to a campsite where all his face is painted, and shall in the Mitwanderern on my nerves when he suddenly reacts strangely and falling over. Then they go fishing. The awkward Sid goes, as the hedgehog has caught a fish on the fishing, so that the trapped animal falls back into the water. Therefore, he tries to get to this again and ends up doing in the mouth of a large fish.

As they now want to eat at night to night, Sid can offer the boy only mushrooms on skewers. When they refuse to eat these, Sid decides the boy to tell a ghost story. Here, the animals are turned coursing through an extraordinary shadows fear, so they run away. Shortly thereafter, Sid sees this too and also runs away when the squirrel Scrat from behind a bush comes up, which has swallowed his nut. He spits it out and now it is these stolen by a toad.

The next morning, Sid wakes up beside the still beängstigten animal boy. They blame Sid for their fear and find that the shadows come from him. He, however, said that this was ridiculous and he would not plant what to do harm. However, he travels here from a flower, with the result that a tree is uprooted and this sliding down a slope. Through a chain reaction then plunges down a giant iceberg, so that the Grand Canyon formed. Sid says the angry kids that this is called global warming. However, these tie him up and run happy and singing through the gorge.

20,000 years later, asks a beaver boy his father at the former campsite, who have made the Grand Canyon. This replied that this had made the nature or an infinite wisdom.


Surviving Sid is one of the spinoffs of the film series Ice Age. The film was released in 2008 as bonus material to Horton Hears a Who! on DVD and Blu -Ray.