Susan Greenfield

Susan Adele Greenfield, Baroness Greenfield, CBE, ( born October 1, 1950 in London) is a British neuroscientist, writer and member of the House of Lords.

Curriculum vitae

Baroness Greenfield grew up as the daughter of a machinist in the Borough of Hammersmith in West London and Godolphin and Latymer attended the School. As the first member of her family to make the transition to university and studied at St Hilda 's College, Oxford, where she earned her doctorate in pharmacology.

It postdoctoral studies at the Collège de France, at the Institute of Neuroscience at the University La Jolla, USA, and other universities at home and abroad. In 1990 she married Peter Atkins, professor of chemistry at the University of Oxford.

From 1995 to 1999 she taught at Gresham College, London, and in 1996 Professor of Pharmacology at Lincoln College, Oxford University. Since 1998, Susan Greenfield Director of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. In 2006 she was appointed as Rector at the Heriot -Watt University in Edinburgh.


Greenfield counts according to the British newspaper The Guardian the most influential women in Britain. Her specialty is the physiology of the brain with the research Parkinson's and Alzheimer 's disease. Her books brain research, with radio broadcasts, television broadcasts and interviews Susan Greenfield is committed to a broader public understanding of science.


Primary literature

  • The Human Brain: A Guided Tour, published by Basic Books Inc., U.S., January 1997, ISBN 0-465-00725-2, was several months in the British bestseller lists
  • Guide brain. Spectrum Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin 2003, ISBN 3-8274-1429-6