Sustainable energy

As a sustainable energy supply or short as sustainable energy is an energy supply is referred to, which can meet the current needs without compromising the needs of future generations and energy without harming present and future generations and the environment. It includes the production, distribution and use of energy. In the energy it relies on renewable energy and the use, inter alia, to an increase in energy efficiency. The transition from a fossil-nuclear energy to a sustainable energy supply means energy transition.


Sustainable energy is based on the two pillars of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Some definitions for sustainable energy:

  • Power supply which meets the present needs to limit without the need of future generations. Sustainable Energy has two key components: renewable energy and energy efficiency. - Renewable Energy and Efficiency Partnership ( British)
  • Dynamic harmony between equitable availability of energy- intensive goods and services for all people and the preservation of the earth for future generations. The solution is to find in are sustainable energy sources and more efficient means of conversion and use of energy. - J. W. Tester
  • Energy, the presence of which is renewable within a human lifetime and causes no long-term damage to the environment. - Jamaica Sustainable Development Network

Renewable Energy

Among the renewable energy sources include solar energy. Wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy ( geothermal) and bioenergy (renewable raw materials ).

Energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency will reduce energy consumption and a saving of energy. Energy efficiency means reducing the energy use for a benefit or a function. For example, the transition from the technology of light bulbs on the technology of LED lamps means an increase in energy efficiency in the context of sustainable energy supply. LED lamps require compared to incandescent lamps for the same light energy produced only a fraction of the electrical energy and its harmfulness to humans and the environment is less than with the compact fluorescent lamps ( the so-called Ernergiesparlampen ) containing deleterious mercury.

United Nations: 2012 Year of the initiative "Sustainable Energy for All "

The year 2012 had proclaimed the United Nations as the International Year for " Sustainable Energy for All " and founded an eponymous initiative " Sustainable Energy for All "