Suvorov, Tula Oblast

Suvorov (Russian Суворов ) is a town in Tula Oblast (Russia) with 18,973 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The city is located in the northern part of the Central Russian plate about 90 km west of the Oblasthauptstadt Tula at the Tscherepet, a right tributary of the opening into the Volga Oka.

Suvorov is the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons.


A village with derived from proper names Suwor or Suvorov Suworowo name was first mentioned in documents from the 15th to the 16th century.

1934 began the degradation of clay minerals in the area.

From 1949, a workers' settlement in connection with the establishment of the Tscherepet - thermal power station. As the cooling water reservoir for the power plant, the Tscherepet was dammed to form a reservoir. The power plant began operating in 1953, and on August 12, 1954, the settlement was granted town rights in today's form of the name. On February 28, 1958 Suvorov was the place of settlement Chanino administrative center of Rajons.


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Culture and sights

The city owns a home and art museum.

Economy and infrastructure

In Suvorov, the Tscherepet thermal power plant is located ( Tscherepetskaja GRES ) of OGK -3 installed with a capacity of 1285 megawatts.

The city is the center of a region with extensive degradation of building materials and raw materials for the production of refractory materials such as clays, limestone and gravel. In Suvorov and the nearby settlements Tscherepet, Mitino and Chanino there are companies in the construction industry, instrument engineering, the textile industry as well as a foundry and a factory for agricultural and forestry equipment.

Eleven kilometers from Suvorov is the small spa town balneologic Krainka.

The town lies on the railway line opened in 1941 Sukhinichi - Kozelsk - Tula ( station Sbrodowo ). Since 1905, the narrow gauge railway ( track width 750 mm) Tula Lichwin (now Chekalin ) by the then Suworowo. This westernmost stretch was, however, in the 1930s to the 1940s in the context of the construction of broad gauge track and impoundment of Tscherepet shut down ( the distance remaining sections until 1997).

In Suvorov, the regional roads R95 Odojew Goladskoje - cross ( from there on Kaluga R92 ) and R146 Chekalin - Chanino.