Suzhou Creek

Mouth of Suzhou (foreground) in the Huangpu, 1987

The Suzhou (Chinese苏州 河/苏州 河also吴淞 江, pinyin Suzhou Hé, W.-G. Su -chou -ho, english Suzhou creek or river Wusong ) is a river in eastern China, which flows through the city center of Shanghai. It is named after the city of Suzhou in neighboring Jiangsu province which was the most important city in this part of China before the economic rise of Shanghai. He was known since the 1920s as the dirtiest river in China.

The Suzhou is one of the outflows of Tai Lake and has a length of 125 km, of which 54 km within the administrative area Shanghai and 24 km in the city proper area are located. The river flows at the northern end of the Bund in Huangpu.