Suzuki SV 650

From 2003: electronic fuel injection, unregulated catalyst with secondary air system from 2007: regulated catalytic converter and ABS

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The Suzuki SV 650 ( S) is a motorcycle category Naked Bike ( Sports Tourer ) by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki.

It was recorded in the production of Suzuki in 1999. As a little sister of the slightly less successful TL1000 looked very similar to the first version of this model. The engine was the TL conceptually similar, but much more mature and is today installed in other models of Suzuki ( V-Strom, Gladius ) and also in other brands ( Cagiva Raptor 650 ) are used. The SV was available in two versions: as a naked bike SV650 as well as a sports tourer SV650S (ABS versions from 2007: SV650A and SV650SA ). The SV650S can be changed by a corresponding full fairing optically a sportsman. Due to the rounded trim parts, the first series in fan circles is referred to as " nub " as opposed to " edge " for SVs from model year 2003.

In 2003 a major facelift took place. In addition to the now much more angular appearance of the mixture preparation was converted to a fuel injection system, and integrates a flue-gas cleaning catalyst unregulated. The performance of the engine remained largely unaltered.

The larger SV 1000 was recorded the same time as the revision of the SV 650 in the model range.

As of the 2007 model year, the SV decreed standard with an anti-lock system and a closed-loop emission to reach the Euro 3 standard.

By the year 2009 it was replaced by the SFV 650 Gladius.