SV Alsenborn

The SV Alsenborn is a football club from Enkenbach- Alsenborn in Rhineland- Palatinate. The venue of the association is the Stadium children teaching, can accommodate about 13,000 spectators. By 1970, the SV was one of the strongest clubs in South West Germany and played several times for promotion to the Bundesliga.


The club was founded on 15 September 1919 as FV Alsenborn and carries since 1945 the name SV Alsenborn.

The most successful period of the SV Alsenborn began in 1962 after Fritz Walter, captain of the world champion team had become by 1954, coach of the club. He strove with his former teammate from 1 FC Kaiserslautern Hannes Ruth to the rise of SV Alsenborn. With Willi Holz, Otto Render and Erwin Rödler three former players of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern were committed. In the years 1962 to 1965, the SVA three times in a row rose up in the Regionalliga West, the then second highest league, on.

The sporting highlight flight continued in the Regional and brought the club a nationwide attention. 1968 Alsenborn was first Master of Regional and qualified thus for the promotion round in the Bundesliga. In a group with Hertha BSC, Rot-Weiss Essen, SC Göttingen 05 and Bayern Hof, the association table was third - only the first, Hertha BSC, rose to. In a promotion to the Bundesliga a move to Ludwigshafen and the merger was planned with a football club based there, to meet the DFB licensing requirements at all points can.

The following season was once again Alsenborn Regional Champion. In the rise group with Red -Weiss Oberhausen and Hertha Zehlendorf, VfB Lübeck and Freiburg FC Alsenborn was again in five wins and three defeats third behind Oberhausen and Freiburg. At the end lacked a point to Bundesliga promotion.

1970 Alsenborn was the third time in a row win the Regionalliga West. In a group with Arminia Bielefeld, Karlsruher SC, Tennis Borussia Berlin and VfL Osnabrück, the club reached the third time in a row the third place and missing out on promotion.

The successes of these three years, could not repeat the SV Alsenborn in the subsequent period. This was because a total of 31 players left the club in the direction of stronger clubs cash in professional football. Among other things, Lorenz Horr moved for 336,000 DM detachment to Hertha BSC. This was the one player in German football history until then the most expensive transfer. Another setback for the club was the accidental death of Otto Render, who was now coach of the team.

1974 aimed at the club the rise in the newly introduced second Bundesliga. After the German Football Association scoring the clubs in the Bundesliga 2 had its athletic training also runs technical and economic nature meet, which went beyond the possibilities of the SV Alsenborn. The SV Alsenborn was first nominated by Southwest admissions committee for the 2nd Bundesliga, according to the opposition just behind it 1.FC Saarbrücken but again rejected by the Regional Association of West. The SV Alsenborn turned to the civil division in Kaiserslautern and obtained an injunction there, after which the board resolution repealed and had to reexamine an association court of the Regional Association of the situation. The association court evaluated Alsenborns sporting qualification higher, which in turn the SV Alsenborn believed to be candidates for the 2nd Bundesliga. Now raised the 1st FC Saarbrücken and the board of the Football Association of Regional against the finding of an appeal with the sports court of the German Football Association. The German Football Association awarded the first athletic qualified SV Alsenborn priority out, just to - to favor the better-off 1.FC Saarbrücken - according to the judgment of the DFB sports court. The license was denied due to technical inadequacies of the court system and economic uncertainty in the future development.

After the forced withdrawal from professional football, the club was relegated over the years to the lowest divisions of the Southwest German Football Association. Long time it was home to the first team in zehntklassigen county league. 2012 reached the summit in the district class Westpfalz.

Well-known former players

  • Werner Adler
  • Gerhard Ahrens
  • Walter Frosch
  • Fritz Fuchs
  • Lorenz Horr
  • Willi Hölz
  • Michal Kadlec
  • Manfred Lenz
  • Otmar Ludwig
  • Reinhard Meier
  • Jürgen Nachtmann
  • Wolfgang Röhring
  • Franz Black Forest

Well-known former coach

  • Fritz Walter
  • Otto render
  • Heiner survival

Sports career