SV Schalding-Heining

The SV Schalding- Heining is a sports club from the Lower Bavarian town of Passau. In addition to the successful football department, which competes in the 2013/14 season in the Regionalliga Bayern, the sports skiing, curling, dancing, Nordic walking and Callanetics are offered in the club. The association has about 1,500 members.


The club was lifted from the baptism on 22 May 1946 at the former Passau suburb Schalding right of the Danube as a pure football club. The immediate reason for the foundation of the association was a football game that was three days earlier fought between Schalding and the neighboring Heining. Among the approximately 50 sports friends who had gathered for the inaugural meeting were numerous former FC Rittsteig, which had been disbanded during the Second World War.

In the first years after foundation of the association quickly turned a sporty hit. DC in 1947 was the club champion of the C-Class, three years later promotion to the A-Class. After the development stagnated. More than 30 years commuted the association between C- and B-Class. Mid-1980s, then began a steady climb, wearing the club 1983-1999 from the lowest league up to the second highest Bavarian amateur league. There, the club plays continuously for 10 years. In the 2006/07 season was the SV Schalding- Heining runner the national league middle, but then failed in the relegation matches the jump in the Bavarian League.

The largest sporting success so far succeeded the club in the 1997/98 season by winning the newly created Bavarian Toto Cup. He qualified for the first main round of the DFB - Pokal in 1999, where he defeated the then second division club SpVgg Unterhaching 0:1.

On 15 May 2009 the club was able to order early to secure two rounds remaining the championship of the division center and the direct promotion to the Bavarian League.

In the 2009/10 season they finished the first year of Bavaria League as a climber a good 13th place, but were relegated in the national league again the following season in 17th. In the 2011/12 season were abolished by a second place in the national league again made ​​it into the Bavarian League and qualified for even the relegation to League Bavaria, in which one but on 1 FC Schweinfurt 05 failed and thus 2012/13 fünftklassig plays.

After a 2-0 away win at VfB Eichstätt the early promotion to the Regionalliga Bayern succeeded already on matchday 34 of the 2012/13 season to the 2013 season / 14th In the course of the climb parts of the sports facilities at the Reuthinger were adapted way to the requirements of the Regional. Among other things, the grandstand was extended, created a separate guest block and installs missing fencing. These renovations were completed in time for the start of the season.

With 2,500 spectators for the first time sold out the stadium was on July 26, 2013 in playing the SV Schalding- Heining against the U23 FC Bayern Munich. Guests won this sovereign 5-0.

Success ( football)

  • Bavarian Toto Cup winners and participate in the DFB Cup: 1998
  • Master of Bezirksoberliga Lower Bavaria and promotion to the national league Bavaria: 1994/95, 1998/99
  • Master the national league middle and promotion to the Bavarian League: 2008/ 09, 2011/12
  • Promotion to the Regionalliga Bayern: 2012/13


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  • Football club from Bayern
  • Club in the Bavarian Football Association
  • Sport ( Passau)
  • Founded in 1946