Svedala is a locality ( Tätort ) in the Swedish province of Skåne län and capital of the municipality of the same name. The location is situated 18 km south-east of Malmö on the European road 65

Svedala emerged at the intersection of two railroad lines connecting Malmö and Ystad Lund with Trelleborg. This favorable situation led to the establishment of several industrial establishments. The place was in 1899 limited administrative powers ( Municipalsamhälle ) and obtained in 1919 the status of a market town ( Köpings ). Due to the administrative transformation of the country in the 1970s, this title is meaningless today.

Coat of Arms of the market town

The former coat of arms of the market town differs from the current coat of arms of the municipality. On a yellow background a blue sheet of the field maple is shown surrounded by a red gear. Area Svedala is one of the few places in Sweden where maple occurs. The gear was referring to the engineering industry in the town.