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Sveio is a commune in the Norwegian Fylke Hordaland. To the south it borders the municipalities Tysvær and Haugesund ( Rogaland both ). North of the fjords are the municipalities Bømlo, Stord and Kvinnherad and east beyond Ålfjordes municipalities are Ølen and Vindafjord. The landscape is characterized by rounded heathery rocks and small lakes.

The population lives in several villages, the largest being Forde, Sveio, Valevåg, Auklandshamn and Buavåg.


About Regional importance was the municipality with the completion of Trekantsambandet (Norwegian: "Delta Connection" ), a bridge - tunnel combination that connects Sveio since 2001 with the islands Stord and Bømlo, which you could do without several ferries. The journey Stavanger - Bergen (E39) shortened so by more than half an hour.


An attractions there are, inter alia, the Lighthouse of Ryvarden ( Ryvarden fyr ) and the house of the composer Fartein Valen.