Sven Andersson (politician)

Sven Olof Andersson Morgan ( born April 5, 1910 in Gothenburg, † September 21, 1987 in Stockholm) was a Swedish politician.


Andersson was an early politically active and was initially 1929 to 1932 President of the Social Democratic Youth League ( Sveriges socialdemokratiska ungdomsförbund ) in the district of Gothenburg. Between 1934 and 1940 he was a member of the National Committee of the SSU. In 1940 he was a candidate of Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti (SAP) for the first time elected a deputy of the Reichstag, where he served initially until 1944.

After the Second World War, he was from 1945 to 1948 Secretary General of the SAP and it one of the closest collaborators of the former party leader Per Albin Hansson and Tage Erlander. After 1948 again elected deputy of the Reichstag in which he was the representative of SAP to 1976, Prime Minister Erlander appointed him first as Minister without Portfolio.

After a cabinet reshuffle, he was 1951-1957 Communications Minister. During this time he initiated a program for the reorganization of the State Railways ( Statens Järnvägar ) and the start of a nationwide Fernsehrpogramms of Radio Service ( Radiotjänst ). Here, the portfolio of channels to the second radio station P2 was first extended in 1955. 1956 began with the broadcasting of television programs. In 1957 the company was renamed Sveriges Radio in. Finally, he led them through the expansion of power generation by hydro power plants.

1957 appointed him Erlander of Defence. This office he retained under his successor Olof Palme. In another reshuffle his palm finally convened in 1973 as foreign minister in his government in office until 1976. Andersson, a supporter of the Swedish policy of neutrality, was both a defense and as foreign minister a strong critic of the Vietnam War the United States. Later he was chairman of a set of palm tree commission to investigate the breach Swedish territorial waters by unknown submarines. The Commission came to the conclusion that this acted to submarines of the Soviet Union.