Sverre Holm

Sverre Olav Holm ( born July 24, 1931 in Drammen, Norway, † 17 March 2005 in Stavern, Norway) was a Norwegian actor.


Holm had initially in 1953 at the Rogaland Theatre debut as a stage actor in the role of Julius in a piece by Oskar Braaten. Later, he played in several other Norwegian theaters, such as the Trøndelag Teater, Centralteatret, Edderkoppen teater, Oslo Nye Teater, Det Norske Teatret in and as soon as he entered ( Television Theatre) of the NRC in Fjernsynsteatret on.

His most famous role was that of Benny fringes in 14 films of the Norwegian version of the Olsen Gang. Two of these remakes, the original Danish Olsen Gang movies, he was also involved with Knut Bohwim on the Norwegian adaptation, translation and the manuscript. In Norwegian remake of the first Junior Olsen Gang - film, he co-wrote with Arne Næss Lindtner the script to do so. Holm also had a guest appearance on the Danish Olsen Gang as a drunken tourist Olav in the film The (probably ) last match of the Olsen Gang, along with the other cast members Arve Opsahl Olsen Gang and Carsten Byhring.

In his home country he was last seen in the lead role of O. Tidemann the television series Sesame Stasjon (Norwegian version of Sesame Street ) from 1990 to 1998.

Holm died on 17 March 2005 in a nursing home in Stavern ( municipality Larvik) of cancer.