The Svilaja mountain range located in Croatia. It is located hinziehendes from northwest to southeast mountains in the Dalmatian hinterland in the Split-Dalmatia County. The mountain range is marked by a sometimes more, sometimes less zertalte plateau, which is limited to southeast through a very distinctive Escarpment above the town Sinj with a height of 1508 meters, while gently abdacht to the north and there imperceptibly merges into the Dinaric Alps in the city Knin.

The length of the Svilaja Mountains is about 30 km, the width is on average about 10 km away. The Svilaja mountains runs parallel to the Dinaric Mountains. The middle part of Svilaja Mountains is located at Baljci which the Petrovo Polje ( South Slavonic for Peters 's field, as the Polje is mostly used for agriculture ) leans out in the mountainous region.

List of elevations over 1000 meters

  • Bat ( 1508 m), highest point in the city of Sinj
  • Jančak ( 1,483 m )
  • Kita ( 1413 m)
  • Turjača (1340 m)
  • Lisina (1301 m)
  • Veliki Kozjak ( 1207 m)
  • Orlove Stine ( 1139 m)

Cities and towns

Larger and major cities and towns around the Svilaja Mountains.

  • Sinj 25 373 inhabitants: peruca Lake, Cetina
  • Knin 15,190 inhabitants: Fortress ( Tvrdjava ), Krka
  • Vrlika 2,705 residents:
  • Kijevo 533 inhabitants:
  • Baljci 470 Population: In 1991,


The Svilaja Mountains, and culturally much, there are some ruins and churches worth seeing.

Mention may be made, in particular the influence of the Illyrians, which have impacted on the naming in the mountain region and thus the names of some smaller surveys Gradina, Polača, Lemes, etc.


  • Triassic beds in the basement of the Adriatic - Dinaric carbonateplatform of Mt Svilaja