• Shahrukh Khan: Mohan Bhargava
  • Gayatri Joshi: Gita
  • Kishori Balal: Kaveri amma
  • Makrand Deshpande: Fakir
  • Peter Rawley: John Stockton
  • Smit Sheth: Chikku

Swades ( Hindi, स्वदेश svadeś, literally, homeland ) is a Bollywood film that was released in India in 2004. He speaks about the development problems of India.


Mohan Bhargava is a living in the U.S. Indians (NRI = Non- residential Indian), who is employed by NASA as an expert on satellites. His life expires American and his naturalization is promised. Nevertheless, he is. Lately with his thoughts in the home He thinks of his Kaveriamma ( Kishori Balal ), who raised him after the death of his parents and his grip was. After he went to the USA to study there, he left her in a nursing home. This he now wants to correct and bring Kaveri to himself.

He takes leave for 14 days and flies to Delhi to surprise Kaveriamma. But at home he learns only that Kaveriamma was already taken by a woman before years and now lives in the village Charanpur.

So Mohan rented a caravan and is on his way to Charanpur. In this way, the NRI discovers his new home. When he finally meets Kaveriamma, it is obvious that the life he has become a stranger to the village. The problems of his country of origin of electricity and illiteracy and the caste system meets Mohan with the perspective of a living abroad Indian who does not want to accept everything.

He learns that Kaveriamma now takes care of Gita and their younger brother Chikku, both also orphans like him. Gita directs the local school and fights here as a woman against the prejudices of the ruling castes.

Mohan decides to support Gita, also to give sufficient time for a decision on the Kaveriamma. He involved himself more and more into the lives of Charanpur and its problems. His work at NASA to fall behind. Having, however, the villagers shows that you yourself must take control of his destiny, to accomplish something, he returns back to the States and can back Gita, who loves him now - and he also. After his project at NASA 's done, but he returned to India as his home he is not gone out of my head.


On his masterpiece Lagaan, which was nominated for an Oscar, after all, director Ashutosh Gowariker has to be measured its successor project. And while the film does manage this in his own way, the great success in India was hitherto denied him, which may be due to the mostly negative reviews. Swades is a silent voice for the sense of unity in a comma- caste society. Reminded Ashutosh Gowariker, for his film was also successful overseas.


Shahrukh Khan won the 2004 for his role in Swades the Filmfare Award for Best Actor and AR Rahman received an award for the best film music.

He was next nominated in the category Best Music. " Udit Narayan and Master Vignesh were for Best Playback singer Alka Yagnik proposed as best playback singer.

In addition, Ashutosh Gowariker was nominated for Best Director and Best Film Swades.

A Screen Weekly Award went to Gayatri Joshi for their outstanding debut and Ashutosh Gowariker got a special jury award.

He was also nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay proposed in the category.

He won the Critics Choice Award at the Zee Cine Awards for Best Director and was again nominated for the Popular Award in the same category.

Swades was nominated for the Popular Award for best film, best actor Shahrukh Khan, Kishori Balal as best supporting actress and as a newcomer Gayatri Joshi.