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The Swedish ice hockey team is one of the most successful ice hockey teams in the world. The IIHF leads them on their world ranking is currently (May 2013) ranked 1 The team is part of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association (Svenska Ishockeyförbundet ). Due to the three crowns on the jerseys of players who have been taken from the coat of arms of Sweden, 1938, the team the name of Tre Kronor.

The most successful year the team was in 2006. The team won first time this year in both the Olympics and the World Championship gold medal.

In the last six Hockey World Championships, the Swedes brought five medals, two silver medals (2003, 2004) and a Gold Medal (2006). In addition, they were able in 1998/99 the Baltica Cup, 1996/97, the Izvestia Cup and the 1998/99 Euro Hockey Tour win.


Hockey established in 1920 as a sport in Sweden. At the Olympic Games in the same year Hockey was one of the demonstration sports. The Hockey tournament was held in April in Antwerp and Sweden for a group Bandyspieler itself had assembled, now fighting for medals in the new sport. In the first game came with a 8-0 thrashing of Belgium. At the end of the Swedish team reached the fourth place. 1928 at the Olympic Winter Games in St. Moritz Sweden won the silver medal at the World Championships of 1931 you could score a point win against favorites Canada by a goalless draw first team.

After 1950, Sweden won the world championship three times. The tournament victories, however, were favored in each case by the absence of various favorites:

At the World Cup in 1962, which took place in the State of Colorado, Sweden defeated for the first time the Canadian team by 5:3.

1963, at the World Cup in their own country, the Swedish team was able to defeat the Soviet Union in a group match 2-1. Won the tournament but at the end on goal difference, the Soviet team.

From 1976, the NHL and professionals were allowed to participate in the championships of the International Hockey association. Since many Swedish players left the country for the NHL, the national team lost some of their position in the world elite. Despite this, she won in the following years, several silver and bronze medals in international tournaments.

After Sweden had won the World Cup in Vienna in 1987, surprisingly, the team was back in the world's elite. The World Championships in 1991,1992 and 1998 in Finland, Czechoslovakia and Switzerland won the Swedish team. At the Olympic Games of 1994 in Lillehammer Canada was defeated by penalty shootout in the final.

With the Olympic gold medal in Turin in 2006 and winning the 2006 World Championship in Latvia, the Swedish national team became the first team of all time, who won the gold medal in the same year both in the Olympics and in the A World Championship.

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