Swedish Building Workers' Union

, Also called Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet Byggnads is a Swedish Building Workers' Union. It is divided into 24 departments with 247 sections in which some 125,000 members are organized, including 100,000 of working age.

The union represents 32 organized professional groups, including wood, concrete, mining and road construction workers, machine operators, plumbing and ventilation fitters. Byggnads belongs to the Swedish Trade Union Confederation Landsorganisationen i Sverige ( LO) and is the fifth largest single union in the country. Its origin hatt Byggnads in 1889 founded Woodworkers Association ( Träarbetareförbundet ).

The institution of Byggnads is the magazine Byggnadsarbeteren. The union is strongly committed to guest workers with translators, foreign language Contact telephones and extensive material in the eight foreign languages ​​English, German, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Byggnads is a member of the Building and Wood Workers International ( BWI ), the European Federation of Building and Wood Workers ( EFBH ) and the Nordic Federation of Building and Wood Workers ( NBTF ). Byggnads President Hans Tilly is also president of the NBTF and Board Member of EFBH and in the BWI.