Swedish general election, 1970

  • V: 17
  • S: 163
  • C: 71
  • FP: 58
  • M: 41

The election to the Swedish Parliament in 1970 took place on 20 September 1970.

It was the first election after the introduction of the single-. In addition to the scheduled length of a term of four was shortened to three years from this election.

Election result

The Social Democrats competed under the leadership of Prime Minister Olof Palme, who had taken over in 1969 by Tage Erlander (since 1946). After four elections with gains, the Social Democrats lost votes for the first time. Of the losses to a profited the Centre Party, which, inter alia, has been attributed to the onset of nuclear power debate. The center distinguished itself with nuclear energy critical statements. The Liberals achieved gains and were able to hold the third largest party. Under the new name Moderata samlingspartiet achieved the Conservatives with 11.5 percent historically their worst result. The Communists gained massively strengthened and returned back to parliament. The Christian, however, could not conquer mandates again.

The Social Democrats lost their absolute majority in parliament and formed a minority government.