Swiss 1. Liga

The first league is in most Swiss sports leagues according to the National League A (NLA ) and the National League B (NLB ), and - if it exists - the National League C ( NLC ) or in football after the Super League and the Challenge League the next lower league.


While in the NLA and always in the NLB clubs from all over Switzerland are compiled in most sports, the first league is often divided into regions. In football and ice hockey there are three regions. The next lower level is the 2nd league, etc. The lowest level in football ( where, however, a first League and Classic League 1 Promotion and regional and interregional second league exists) is the 5th league in hockey and in Chess 4th league.

In the Football League 1 is the highest amateur league. Since the 2012/13 season, it is divided into two divisions: the 1st League Promotion and the "old" first league, the new 1 League Classic is called.

The first Football League promotion consists of 16 clubs. The first League Classic is available in three groups, divided by geographic regions discharged.


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In floorball, there are two first -league ladies like men too. The first league Grossfeld the third highest league in Switzerland and the 1st League Kleinfeld, the highest league Kleinfeld.