Swiss Association for Standardization

The Swiss Association for Standardization ( SNV abbreviated, French Association Suisse de Normalisation ) is the national standards body of the Switzerland based in Winterthur.

She is responsible for the Swiss standard; issued by the SNV standards are marked with the symbol SN.

The SNV is a full member of the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO) and the European Committee for Standardization ( CEN). Thereby, the SNV international cooperation in standardization secure.

This institution is the Swiss equivalent of the Austrian Austrian Standards Institute (ASI ), formerly the Austrian Standards Institute, which publishes the ÖNORMEN; Furthermore, it is comparable with the German Institute for Standardization ( DIN).

At present ( 2012) are more than 600 companies and institutions a member of the SNV, and of the nearly 16,800 current SNV standards are more than 15,000 national takeovers of EN standards.